November 15, 2012

Gluten Free Holiday Tip #1

Be careful when purchasing turkeys.. 
Not all turkeys are gluten free!! (Many turkeys are soaked in a solution that has gluten in it)
1.  Purchase only FRESH TURKEYS from one of these companies!


2. Not all hams are gluten free! Below is a list of companies that have gluten free hams and why you need to be careful when buying a ham. Always check the ingredient list to make sure nothing has changed. This is very important for any ham that says it is preglazed.  Also, avoid the glazed packets that come with the ham. It is full of gluten.

A quote from
"Ham is a holiday tradition in many homes. Hams, like turkey may be injected with a solution during processing that contains gluten. According to the following manufacturers, listed products are gluten-free. Always read labels carefully because not all products by these manufacturers are gluten-free."
  • Hormel Canned Hams
    • Black Label® Canned Hams, Cure 81® Ham: Bone-in, Boneless, Old Fashioned Spiral Ham
  • Safeway Butcher Cut Spiral Sliced Ham (glaze packet is not gluten free)
  • Safeway Butcher Cut Cooked Ham (95% Fat Free)
  •  Honeybaked Hams
  • Costco - Kirkland Spiral Glazed Ham
 The hams should say gluten free on the packaging. 

3. Below is a list of companies that have gluten free products to help you with your holiday shopping. (This is by no way a complete list. But I had to start somewhere)
  1. Wilderness pie fillings
  2. CoolWhip whipped topping
  3. McCormick single spices including liquid flavorings like vanilla & almond
  4. Libby's pumpkin pie filling
  5. Carnation evaporated milk
  6. Jello brand pudding- Single flavors like chocolate, vanilla. Avoid ones like Oreo cookies n' cream
  7. Oceanspray jellied &  berry cranberry sauce


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